The other day I was at a library bookstore and found a copy of the Communist Manifesto, it was a pocket-sized little red book and 94-pages. I thought to myself how far our nation has come towards those scary ideals over the past few decades. Communism is about the most intense scheme against the individual – liberties and freedoms – that anyone could possibly dream up. To those living under it, somehow it makes sense to them, of course their lens of perception is often skewed by a lifetime and generations of indoctrination. Anyway, I took my little red-book to Starbucks and read through it, much of it I had remembered from school years the prior.

When I went home, I decided to write an article about the differences between Communism and Free-Market Capitalism and why in the US we’ve done so well with our approach to civilization and society. I went online to gather up a few quotes that I could cite for this article and downloaded a 62-page version of the Communist Manifesto. About that time, I was tuning into the Clinton News Network or CNN, and there was Hillary Clinton bragging about her 64-page Economic Plan if elected. Mostly it is regurgitated 2008 Obama Campaign plans, much of which the Obama Administration attempted to put into practice with his windfall of TARP Funds and use of his newly gained political capital back in 2009.

Some call the Obama Administration a Tax and Spend regime, but really if one is fair to the reality – it is more like a Spend, Spend, Spend, Borrow, and Tax plan – Hillary’s Economic Plan, essentially the same – the same old Leftists talking points, vote buying socialist strategy and a little communist manifesto mixed in to show ones’ true colors. I find it interesting that Hillary claims Donald Trump is in bed with Putin, when her leftist views are much more in-line with Big Government Communist Motif.

While it is true that Hillary Clinton does have a 64-page economic plan on her website – I say, “So What? The Communist Manifesto is online with 62-pages in a PDF download,” and would suggest that you read it because the similarities are strikingly scary to anyone with half the cranial capacity needed to walk and talk. If you’d like to live in a society of “equals” where everyone is equally poor, and the government controls all aspects of your life, wealth, career, death and itself owns all the property – then by all means vote for Hillary Clinton – if not, Trump should be your choice in 2016.

Source by Lance Winslow


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